Restylane Kysse can subtly enhance your lips with border definition and natural-looking fullness. Lips appear soft and supple as wrinkles are filled out. FDA recently approved Restylane Kysees for lip enhancement. Restylane Kysse is made with a unique formulation that balances the filler’s structure and flexibility to suit the highly soft and mobile lip area. The filler particles are smaller than other Restylane fillers making it less prone to palpability and lumps. Restylane Kysse is also longer lasting. It lasts up to a year in comparison to other lip fillers that last 6 to 9 months. Patient’s lips look and feel natural when they speak, smile, and eat. Many tell us that they feel natural even when they kiss!

Kysse is the first FDA-approved lip filler to use XpresHAn Technology

What is XpresHAn Technology? XpressHAn Technology is a new and innovative technology used in developing dermal filler products. This technology helps to create a smooth gel that produces natural results, it integrates into the skin for natural expression in motion. This gives you a long-lasting plush, pillowy look.

Sarasota Facial Aesthetics offers Restylane Kysse Injections

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