UltraShape® Power in Sarasota Helps Reduce Fat

Sarasota Facial Aesthetics is excited to be the first and only to introduce into the Sarasota area the latest technology for body contouring without surgery. UltraShape® Power is body shaping without invasive surgery at it’s best. Get Your Body Ready for Summer with UltraShape® Power in Sarasota. Fat cells that have been destroyed cannot return to the body. However, patients should take care to maintain their weight with a healthy lifestyle, as the body will continue to respond to factors that may contribute to weight gain. Patients will not develop surgical scars, suffer from bruising or swelling, and will not need to be under anesthesia.

More powerful than other treatments on the market, UltraShape® Power can destroy 32% of the fat cells in the treatment area It can be used on:

Stomach – Saddlebags – Love Handles – Arms – Buttock –  more!


UltraShape® Power can only be found at Sarasota Facial Aesthetics in this area. We have trained extensively and can offer you the most advanced treatment for removing fat without any downtime.

How it Works

UltraShape Power works by sending pulsed ultrasound 1.5 cm below the skin’s surface. This causes the fluid between the fat cells to bubble up and implode. The implosion ruptures fat cell walls. The destroyed cells go through the metabolic pathways that naturally happen in your body when you lose weight. Patients rate the pain scale from 0-10 as being 0.7, making the procedure virtually painless.

Compared to Coolsculpting® and Sculpsure®, UltraShape® Power has up to 15% more fat cell destruction.

Patients claim that UltraShape® Power Wonders!

Studies show that UltraShape® Power is a great alternative for patients who want to remove stubborn excess fat without resorting to surgery and without prolonged recuperation time.

To find out more about UltraShape® Power body contouring without surgery, contact Sarasota Facial Aesthetics here in Sarasota. We are the number one choice for UltraShape® Power nonsurgical body contouring procedures.

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